Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Finial Make Over

I came across this poor little finial in a thrift store. It stands about 8" tall.  I thought I could repair and paint it in shabby chic colors.  A couple of the leaves where chipped and the there was a chip at the bottom.

Here it is getting it's coat of gray paint.  I repaired the chips first by mixing just a little Plaster of Paris and sculpting the leaf and filling the chips.

Plaster of Paris mixed with a little water for repairs

Repaired damage

Here is the the leaf repaired and painted.  You can't tell that it was ever broken.

Before the gray chalk paint was dry I lightly brush white onto the high areas and slightly blended.

When those colors where dry I highlighted the raised areas with an aqua colored chalk paint in just a few places.

Now it looks like it is concrete with worn off paint.

Happy Crafting!

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