Thursday, June 2, 2016

Glass Door Knob Wall Hook

I have such a weakness for vintage glass door knobs.  In my first house I changed all the cabinet knobs out for vintage glass knobs.  I love the older homes with glass knobs on the doors, too.
The real vintage ones are so expensive nowadays I have to go for reproductions, now.

I spotted this wall hook at Bed, Bath and Beyond the other day on the half price table. I loved the look but not the color,  

I decided to paint the black metal white and the wood a aqua and white for a distressed looked.

This was a quick redo.

Out came the chalk paint.  I painted the metal portion white then distressed it when dry, next I painted the wood portion with the aqua and then went over that with white before distressing.

That's it.  I let it dry, waxed the entire piece, let the wax dry overnight.  And in the morning I buffed it to a nice sheen.

Happy Crafting!

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