Thursday, June 23, 2016

Painted Yard Ornaments

Today was a day to work in the yard.  

One entire side of our house is covered with red climbing roses. And since I was away traveling for the better part of 5 months they missed their Fall and Spring trimming.  When I did get back home they where already blooming.  So I waited until the blooms faded to give them a trim for the year.

Oh my gosh, were they a mess.  I filled an entire green waste receptacle.   We usually can't fill that in a month.  There was a lot of trimming.  But it was so nice to be able to see the house behind the rose bush again.

Then I went all around the yard and trimmed all the suckers from the tree trunks and cut all the limbs hanging down that would hit me in the head if I walked in the yard.

It sure felt good to have that task completed.

So while I took a break in the house I decided all the rest of the small ornaments needed repainting.
Rust and fading had taken them over.

Some if these pot tags had been my mother's.  But neglect on my part had them looking pretty shabby and faded.

The first thing I did was to paint them all white so when I added colors they would be pretty and bright.

I like to use Martha Stewart's pearlized paints. They cover well and usually last a few years even outdoors.

And here is the reveal looking like new and ready for the garden.

Mr. K is spoiling me tonight since I worked so hard in the yard ha has gone for pizza.  Yeah!

Happy Gardening!

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