Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Planter Redo

I have had this little planter for awhile.  I like it and want to use it in our bath to hold rolled bath towels.  The only problem is I don't like the amber distressing glazed that was used on it. It is just too yellow for my decor.  Much more of a yellow tone than shows in the photo.

It just looks dingy and dirty to me, not sometime I would want to use for clean towels.  I know it is just the color of the glaze, but still, yuck.

Here you can see even the interior also has the yellowed glaze.  

So I decided to go over the whole piece with a dry brush technique using just enough white paint to tone down the glaze and give the whole piece a brighter fresher appearance.

The interior looks so much better bright, clean white.

The change is subtle but so worth it.

Love the new look.



Happy Crafting!

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