Friday, June 17, 2016

Meeting Alfred Gockell

Alfred Gockell was the first artist we met on Thursday night and Friday.  He flew in from Germany to spend the weekend at this event.
The first thing he did was turn up the music and paint live.  Friday that picture was sold at auction.  He painted for about 20 minutes.  Amazing.  He is a two handed artist.  By that I mean he had a paint brush in both hands and proceeded to complete the picture with both hands.  Wow.  That was something to see.

We moved ourselves over to the Ritz Friday morning and by then
he had finished adding all the detail to the painting before the auction began.

  He also made a copper etching of his impression of Monterey Bay and with the help of a portable printing press he proceeded to run off a print.

Here is our picture we took with Mr. Gockell after the auction.

This is a painting done on the reverse side of plexiglass.  It just glowed.

Happy Travels!

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