Friday, June 3, 2016

Hidden Compartment Stack of Books

You might remember last December I bought this piece at thrift store on half price Saturday.

It was pretty beat up and the colors where all wrong for me.

The front book swings open to reveal a hidden area with two hooks.
Nice piece but again awful colors for my decor and lots of nicks and scrapes.

The first thing I did was paint the entire piece white.

Then I had to decide what color to paint the individual books.  I choose a soft gray for the outer books and pink for the front, aqua for the bottom book.  I also stenciled a few designs on the different books when the paint was dry.  Then I sanded to distress the stencils and edges.

All of the page areas I painted with a combination of tan and white to simulate paper pages.

Next I added pieces of lace and pearls with my hot glue gun and printed a vintage girl's picture for inside the frame.

Here is a peek at the inside.

Happy Crafting!

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