Monday, June 13, 2016

Sewing Tools Organizer

I decided I needed something to keep all my little sewing tools handy while sewing.  Like seam rippers, little scissors, hem rulers, etc.  All the little things that always seem to roll off the table when I am working.  So I designed this little cloth book.

My organizer measures about 8" x10", folded close.  But you can make it any size you need to fit your tools.

 Below is a picture after stitching together before decorating.

front cover

I started out by measuring 2 pieces of cardboard for the covers.  I measured my longest tool to determine the height of the organizer and added about a half inch for folding the organizer closed.  Then I laid those out next to each other to get the width measurement.

Next I cut 2  pieces of fabric a little larger all around then the measurement of both pieces of cardboard laid side by side with a little space between, about 1/2" should be enough for the inside and outside covers.  For the pocket side I measured and cut 4 pieces of fabric to form the inside pockets, each about half shorter the last one and the width of the main fabric.   I hemmed the top of each piece and stitched pockets to fit my tools, leaving the bottom open as this will be sewn into the seam of the main cover piece later.

I stitched down both sides, right sides together with the pockets pinned together inside between the cover fabric pieces, sewing the pockets in place on each side and across the bottom then turned the piece right side out.  I inserted one piece of cardboard then stitched down the middle forming the spine.  I slipped the second piece of cardboard in and folded the remaining open end in and stitched it close with a piece of felt in the seam, facing out, to form the inside cover piece.  Here I used a piece of brown felt.  I also  added a loop of elastic in the seam, on the outside side of the organizer, as I stitched it close to form the closure.

felt folded to inside covering tools

Now flip felt to outside and fold organizer the opposite direction with felt underneath to stand.

Here is the organizer folded backwards with the felt underneath.  This keeps the organizer standing so it won't slip when in use and flips to the inside when folded close to protect my tools.

felt folded to outside forming non slip base

I had several different pieces of flannel left over from another project so I used these to form the pockets.  Love the way all the pattern are in coordinating colors. But you could use all the same colored fabric. I just wanted to use up all those little pieces of fabric I have been saving.  The flannel helps cushion my tools and being such a soft fabric the tools don't slide out of the pockets when opening and closing the organizer. 

pockets filled with tools

here I folded the felt underneath out of the way but still under the front for stability

I used my hot glue gun to add lace to the back, inside and front covers .

back and front covers

added 2 pieces of lace to inside back cover

2 pieces to outside cover

For the front cover I hot glued a piece of  white lace fabric to the front then I glued a narrow piece of ecru lace around the edge.   And lastly glued three vintage crocheted medallions in place with a pearl glued into the center of each.

closed with felt folded to inside and elastic closure around book

Very handy to stand by my sewing machine to keep everything in sight and easy to use.

Happy Crafting!

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