Monday, June 27, 2016

Refreshed Terrarium

Mr. K is off to a concert with a buddy so I am happily home working on the project for today.

Now that summer is here I am trying to give everything a fresh coat of paint that I have been neglecting for some time.

And this little terrarium is no exception.  When I first bought it I loved it,  But last winter I forgot about it and left outside on the patio.  Needless to say it suffered from the weather even though it was under cover.

Originally I had wanted to remove the glass to paint it but upon further investigation I notice it would have to be taken completely apart.  And that would be too difficult to tackle.  Well, taking apart would be a breeze but getting it back together would be another story.  So instead I washed the glass inside and out.  That made it look cleaner all ready.  Next comes the paint.

I painted it inside and out with a small paint brush.

Wow, this looks really nice.  Can't wait to fill it with something pretty.

Now my little terrarium is back to it's pretty self and serves as a new home for this cute little royal bird (notice the crown) and nest.

Happy Crafting!

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