Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Little Blue Green Bedside Table

Last weekend we found this little table at the local Vintage Market.

This little bedside table is very well built, so it was a great find.

I keep finding items is this dark color.  Don't like the color but love the shape and the little drawer at the bottom is so adorable.

I plan to paint the table white to match the bed in the guest room.  Change out the drawer knob and line the drawer with scrapbook papers. 

For me this table's distressing is too much.  So the first thing I did was paint all the edges where the wood is revealed black.  That way when I do my light distressing some of the black will show through instead of raw the wood.

Here you can see the new knob I was trying out.  I think it is a keeper.

I have the first coat of white paint dry and am ready to start the second coat. I have temporarily put square thumbtacks on the bottom of the legs.  This makes it easier to paint and not have the legs stick to the paper beneath on the table while I am painting.

All dry, lightly distressed, and new knob added.

I added a little vintage style postcard to the lower shelf with Mod Podge.  It is all waxed, I will let it set overnight and buff.

Here is a  peek at the inside of the drawer.  I lined it with it with scrapbook paper and gave it a coat of Mod Podge to protect the paper.

Happy Crafting!

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