Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Yellow Tassel Chandelier Earrings

Again while cruising the rows and rows of beads the other day at my local Michael's I came across a package of wonderfully colorful tassels and best of all they where on sale.  Don't you just love it when something you want to buy is on sale?  I certainly love not paying full price.

Wow, I thought wouldn't these make gorgeous earrings for summer. I decided to make the yellow tasseled ones first.

And here are the supplies I began with.

To begin I attached a yellow crystal to the center of the metal chandelier piece and two more golden beads to each side ring at the bottom.

Next step was to add two more golden beads across the bottom leaving the center hole empty.

Under the two center golden beads I added two yellow crystals.

And finally I added the yellow tassel to the center and an ear wire to the top.

These have such an ethnic East Indian appearance. Love them.  

I also made a simple pair of purple earrings with a couple of purple crystals and the purple tassels.  I love purple, it's my favorite color.

Happy Crafting!

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