Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Golden Honey Bears

I am sure you all recognize ye olde honey bear. As a kid I always loved having my honey in a cute little bear.

But what to do with the bear when the honey is gone.  He is just too cute to be thrown away.  So I thought and thought and then it came to me.  I will make him into a vase but not any vase,  gold vase.

So, how to make him gold.  Paint just wouldn't be enough gold. And gold leaf would be too expensive.  I know I will use those candy wrappers I save every year from the Christmas Candy.  You know the one that comes wrapped in gold foil and in the little brown paper cups.  Initials of the candy are F R with hazelnut inside. I guess you could also buy new gold candy wrappers if you needed to.

The first thing I do is to place the wrapper on a flat surface and carefully flatten out the wrinkles as much as possible.  My glass top stove is a really smooth surface for flattening the foil.

Then I spread Mod Podge on the bear and carefully smooth the foil to conform to the bear.  Then I used the rounded end of a small paint brush to carefully press the foil into the features of the bear being sure not to press too hard and tear the foil.  I continued this process until the entire bear is covered, including the bottom and just inside the lip at the top so none of the plastic bear is visible.

Below you can see two that I have finished.

For their crowns I cut a piece of gold lace trim and hot glued to the top of each bear.

close up view
When the Mod Podge is dry I give the outside a thin coat of Mod Podge to seal everything.

front and back

And here is the cute little finished bear vase filled with flowers.

Happy Crafting!

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