Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Apple Green Outfit

We where down in Puerto Vallarta Mexico a few week ago.  I came across a lovely dress shop.  Wish I had had more money with me.  They where selling gorgeous all cotton clothes and the prices where a lot less than here in California.  And the styles where adorable. It gets so hot here in California in the summer 100% cotton is a must.

I fell in love with this apple green dress with a high low hem.  I can wear it by itself in the warmer months and with leggings as the days get cooler.  

Well, when I got home I realized I had no jewelry to where with it.  I know it is hard to believe since I make jewelry and have tons of pieces.    But no, nothing that looked good with this dress, which is hard to believe also since I went crazy when I saw this color.  Anyway, while making a visit to my local Michael's store the other day I spotted this long beaded tassel necklace on sale.  I was sure the color would be perfect.  Yeah, I was right.  But it looked too plain so I cruised up and down the aisles to see just what I could find to add on to this piece.

I found the perfect set of charms and luckily they where on sale, too.  Without the charms the tassel would have been lost in a sea of apple green.  Can you believe the color match?  The necklace and dress look like they where custom dyed to match.  That's amazing to me.

They added a nice touch to the tassel.

And to my apple green dress.

Happy Crafting!

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