Friday, May 13, 2016

Vanity Mirror and Reveal

This is the mirror I had in mind for over the vanity.  I have had it in storage.  Needs a good cleaning and then paint to match the vanity decor. It weighs a ton. I know it doesn't weigh 50 pounds but it still will be quite a chore to hang. I have 2 Ook Hooks that each hold 100 pounds.  I would rather have too strong of hooks than too weak.  

I have already glued the white embellishment to the top front of the mirror and the glue has dried.  Next, time to paint.

  Again the extremely dark stain took 2 coats of paint.  

After first coat of paint.

Love this mirror all painted white.  I draped a couple of pairs of vintage gloves on the corners.

I see zebra.

vanity top
Matching bench.

This is in a tiny alcove just outside our double doors that lead to the Master Bedroom.  Cozy little corner.  We only use one of the doors so blocking the left door is not a problem.

I added two decals, one to each door.  One is a bird nest and the other is a life size zebra.  Now with everything painted white and the mirror hung, this dark little corner is pretty and bright.

Happy Decorating!

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