Friday, May 20, 2016

Sparkly Stickpins

Wow, it is only May and it was so hot today.  The temperature topped out at 90 degrees.  I am not sure I am ready for all this heat so early in the year.  I washed my heavy rugs and hung them outside knowing they would be dry in no time.  So, while the laundry was drying I went to my workroom.

I almost forgot to take pictures of this project.  I was in my workroom, just straightening things up and looking through some of my potential projects. When I came across the  parts to put together these stickpins.

A few months back I sent away for some crystal topped 3 inch corsage pins, but never got around to opening the package.

But today I started playing around with the pieces then got out my glue and went to town gluing all the parts together. I also had a few pearl topped pins and 3 leaf top pins.

The pin on the right is how they arrived, next I added the little silver cap and then two pearls and a crystal roundel that I glued between the pearls.

I tried different combinations.

On this one I used an antiqued bronze headpin.  I can cut the length of the wire, form a loop and use this one as a tassel on some future project.

I went to town and just kept making different ones.  I only had 3 of the leaf pins.  Wish I had a few more of those.  Maybe next time.

Before I knew it I had 15 or 16 finished all in pastel shades.

This is a box I decorated and used on of the pins to help decorate the top by the large pink flower.  I also made the paper flowers for the top of this box. I will save the instructions for the flowers for another post.

Happy Crafting!

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