Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Trip up the Coast

We spent a couple of days on the North Coast.  Actually about a six hour drive from home to visit family and friends.

That is one of the most beautiful sections of highway in California through the giant redwoods that have been growing since before the birth of Christ.  They are huge, enormous. I mean really, really large.  There is actually one that cars used to drive through.

I captured this photo in the car as we suddenly came around a corner and there they were.

And then around another corner there was a Big Foot Store.  This area is well known for it's Big Foot sightings.  So, of course, someone had to open a store to sell souvenirs.

We passed an old drive in theater.

And as the sun was going down we where nearing our destination.

The second day we want to the beach and had the best weather, sunny and not too hot.  Just perfect.
This was a gorgeous beach, protected from the wind.

Major fishing area.

Fresh water river flowing into ocean.

Sand dunes covered in yellow flowering ice plant. 

I love the California coast, so many different types of beaches along our approximately 840 mile (1,350 km) long shore. This area is rugged and rocky.

Happy Travels!

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