Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Crystal Forest Fairy Earrings and Pendant

While on our trip up the coast we stopped at a tiny gift shop just filled with beautiful things.  Many of the items where from local crafts people. I just love it when local items are sold in local shops.

For Breakfast we ate at a very nice little hometown coffee shop , named Naveen's.  The food and service was great.  And in the parking lot I spotted this beautiful rose.

Then we headed to the gift shop. There was a section filled with lovely beads.

Here are the treasures I purchased at the little gift shop. I bought enough to make a pair of earrings and a pendant.

I started with the larger pieces and made wire wrapped bails for all three.

Next I added the rest of the crystals to eye pins along with some bead caps from my stash.

Here are the three pieces almost finished.  

For the pendant I used a long filigree piece I had and bent it to fit over a black velvet cord. to create an interesting connecting bail.

I named the set Forest Fairies because they reminded my of the surrounding forest where I bought them.

And here is the finished set.  The colors are actually gold and green and blue with sparks of lavender.

Happy Crafting!

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