Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Vintage Market Finds

Made a few pretty finds at the vintage market last weekend.  One booth especially had great prices.  The weather was warm but at least we had a nice breeze blowing.  The fair was held outside under trees.  Great venue and great fun.

I love depression era and before glass.

Here are this weeks finds.

This three footed bowl is so pretty.  I have been collecting this pattern for quite some time.  Hoping to  collect enough to set a pretty soon.

 These smaller dishes would be perfect for olives or pickles.

This plate is different, flat with the center divider.  And I love the little bone china boot from Europe.

But my favorite find of the weekend was this bowl to match my grandmother's punch bowl she received as a wedding present around 1900.  Best if all it was only $12.00.

Found one more item.  Last week we bought a beautiful trundle bed from Pottery Barns Kids on Craigslist for our guest room.  It is painted white which was perfect for my decor.  But I didn't have a night table to put along side the bed.  Found the perfect one, except for the color, which will be easy to fix.  Stay tuned for the transformation coming soon.

Happy Hunting!

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