Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Jewelry Box Makeover

Now I have started something when I started the redo on my vanity.  Now everything needs a new look.
Including this small very dark jewelry box that needed updating.

So of course, I headed for the chalk paint.

I am trying to get rid of all the dark items in the house.

I gave this box a coat of white paint.  But since the finish was so dark it was going to take more than one coat.  As you can see the dark finish is showing through after the first coat.

Two coats and a little distressing with fine sandpaper did the trick.  It looks like a brand new piece.

I ended up doing a trio of jewelry boxes in the same finish.   None of them had quite the same shade of finish.  Now they all match.  The small one on the right in the after picture is one of my finds from before Christmas.

small jewelry box before on left


Happy Crafting!

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