Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mom's Trinket Box

My mother had this little trinket box on her vanity forever. The gold finish had tarnished and worn away on places.  I had it in a drawer because I just couldn't bring myself to give it away.  I felt sorry for it, it looked so shabby and not in a good way.  But I loved the little ceramic lid with the figures.  I decided it was time to make this over, too.  And bring it back to life with a fresh coat of paint.  Yes, again, chalk paint.

I began on the inside around the edge with a small brush.  I didn't want to get any paint on the red velvet interior.

Then came out the bigger brush to finish the box.  

When I got to the outside I discovered this paint was too white but I went ahead and gave the piece one coat of this too white paint.

Have you noticed what it is sitting on?  Yes, strawberry baskets.  I have a whole stack of them I have saved just for projects like this one.  They make it easy to paint feet and sides and they don't stick like paper can to wet paint.  If the piece is bigger I will make two or more stacks of baskets for under the project.  They work great and since they stack together they don't take up a lot of storage space.

Here is the box drying after one coat of paint.  You can see the paint is way too white, it made the ceramic top look dirty and yellowed.  So, for the second coat I used a shade called sheepskin.  That one worked perfectly.

I really like the way this turned out and the color is perfect with the ceramic top.

Happy Crafting!

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