Thursday, May 5, 2016

Jewelry Armoire Redo

Here is a picture of my jewelry armoire.  I had already removed the doors when I remembered to take the picture.  It is very dark mahogany, not at all something that would match my decor.

I had thought about replacing it, but it is still in good condition.  At one time that was the color of furniture that I liked.  Slowly I am redoing everything in lighter fresher colors.  Chalk paint is perfect for making over all the things that have good bones but are just the wrong color.

I gave the entire piece one coat of  an off white chalk paint. But the piece required two coats to cover the extremely dark color I started with in order to get good coverage.

after one coat

And here is the reveal all bright and fresh and white with just a little bit of distressing.

And to think I almost gave it away.  Now it is like I have a brand new piece of furniture.

Here is the close up of the distressing.  Not to much, just a little in the areas that would normally see wear.  I can't tell you how tickled I am with the piece and how glad I am that I didn't give it away.

Happy Decorating!

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