Friday, April 29, 2016

Vanity Color Inspiration

This small project started my color scheme for the vanity area..  I found an ugly little dark green lampshade at at second hand store awhile back. I thought it was a nice size for some future project.

 It had been laying around in my workroom for awhile.  One day I decided to give it a new look. I went through my scrapbook papers and found this animal print in pink and black. There where pieces left from another project, not enough to cover the lamp shade in one piece. So I decided to cut up the paper and deccoupage the pieces in a random order covering the entire surface on the outside.

Next I hot glued the black ribbon and bow to the top, the ball fringe and the eyelash fiber. I glued the pink crystal trim to the bottom and more eyelash fiber.

The inside is painted gold.

I added the shade to a vintage glass lamp. They make a really cute accent light.  Not a lot of light,  just a little more than a nightlight.

That's when I decided to change the colors of my vanity.

The next item I made was a shadow box with a vintage vanity theme using a picture from Pinterest.  For the shadow box itself I used an empty black velveteen box I believe perfume came in, it had the perfect window.  And the inside was already gold.   I matted the image and glued it to the inside of the box added a couple of tiny faux flowers and a trio of miniature perfume bottles.  On the outside I glued a piece of pink cording for the hanger. And on two sides added a small strip of the zebra adhesive paper.

Then the search was on.  I needed to find items with black zebra stripes and hot pink.

For the vanity skirt and bench seat cover I bought a set of extra long twin bed sheets in a Zebra pattern.  Believe it or not the set only cost $3.99 on Amazon.  And I knew that would give me plenty of fabric to work with.
My zebra collection grew and grew from there.  And the project  continues.

Happy Decorating!

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