Monday, April 25, 2016

Poor Little Birdhouse

Here is another project for the patio.

This poor little birdhouse has been hanging outside for several years, year around, in the sun and the rain.  The perch is gone, the nest is gone, even the little bird is gone.

Most people would just toss it at this point.  But I just knew it had another life to live.

 I think it is time for a makeover.

After I brushed all the cobwebs off I dry brushed the body of the house with my favorite aqua chalk paint. 

 Then whitewashed the roof and added a few white touches to the body of the house.

Next I added some lichen I had collected in the forest and a little oak tree branch for the perch.  To this I hot glued a little plastic bird I painted with yellow and orange acrylic paint.

I hot glued on a small wooden heart button and a large pink wooden button in the center.  Along the left side I added some faux berries I have  in my stash for another project.

Now I have a nice little shabby chic birdhouse hanging on the patio wall.

Happy Crafting!

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