Thursday, April 7, 2016

And the Cleaning Continues......

I have another smaller shelf that needs to be organized, also.  That will be another day.

But yes, there was a worktable under all that stuff.  Yea, I have a spot to work again, all clean and ready to go.

All my Martha Stewart punches are hanging on the wall and all my scrapbook papers are stacked in the colorful containers on the right.  Paper cutter is ready to go as is the container of Washi tape on the table.
I was so exhausted yesterday I had to skip my daily blog.  At least now I have hope there really is an end to this project.

This isn't a very large room.  It is actually the smallest bedroom in the house and I have a lot of stuff to cram into this small space.  Paper crafting supplies,  journals and albums making supplies, paints, brushes, stamps, inks, paper punches, beads and jewelry making supplies, my Cricut machine and cartridges and my Minc machine, paper cutters, fancy edged scissors, instruction books and the list continues.

So, you can see why I need to get everything labeled. 
I also have a big box of future projects to complete when I have the time.

People always say they don't know how they will spend their time when they quit working.  I say I don't know how I found the time to do anything when I was working.  My hobbies take up more time than there are hours in the day.  Did I mention I knit, crochet, sew and also have a few small weaving looms.

Sometimes my brain makes me just a little crazy, so much going on in there.  My husband says I am like a 5 year old.  Always wanting to learn something new or make something or figure out how to take something apart and put it back together again,

I live each day learning and doing as much as I can.  With plans to make things that I will probably never live long enough to complete.  It seems the more I create the longer my future list of projects become, instead of shorter.  

This is only my crafting and blogging room.  I have a sewing room downstairs with it's own long list of future projects. I think my brain would explode if I couldn't create.  That was one reason I became a pastry chef.  I was able to make a living and create something new everyday.  I tell everyone I was able to play my whole life and get paid to do it.

So, do something that makes you happy.  Find a hobby or a project that will keep you engaged for your whole life. Keep learning new things and keep up with technology.   It will help you stay younger, happier and healthier for a very long time.

More organizing tomorrow.......

Happy Spring Cleaning.

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