Monday, April 4, 2016

One More Trip

Our very last trip this winter was another cruise to Hawaii.  We visited 4 islands.

Our first stop was Hilo.

 Then next port was Honolulu.  This trip we docked at Aloha Tower.
It was a very warm day. So staying in the shade was a good idea as we walked through town.

Beautiful trees everywhere, thanks goodness.

 This was a very interesting building, front carved from lava stone.

And lots of water features.

Next port was on Maui.  Here is a picture of our ship anchored in the harbor.

While walking through the neighborhood I spotted the interesting patio cover with whales and ship wheel cut outs.

The beach was so gorgeous and the water color was beautiful.

Caught a picture of the ship behind the old palace walls.

Beautiful flowers bloom everywhere.

And of course The Banyan Tree in the town square.  So happy it was not damaged by the hurricane that went through the islands.

It covers the entire city block.

So old and beautiful, planted in 1873.

And then everyone decided to go back to the tender for the trip back to the ship at once but the line went pretty quickly.

Lastly we visited the Garden Island Kauai.  Here we went on a tour of a Plantation where we ate fresh fruit from the trees, drank Mai Tai's made with fresh fruit and then visited the artisans shops.

Lining up for the tour bus.

Well, now back to business.  Time for Spring cleaning after the house was closed up most of the winter.  The yard needs soooooo much work.  I have a new patio swing on order.  My assistant loves to sit in the swing with me in the mornings for coffee and bird watching. She can't wait for it to arrive.  Me, too.

Happy Spring!

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