Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Organizing my Workroom

I have spent two days tearing everything off my shelves, emptying boxes and now have two huge stacks of stuff to sort through.

My cleaning began when I bought a new to me gently used computer desk last Saturday.  I had been working on a little table which wasn't very comfortable.  Now everything has a place. I feel so organized already.  Wait, don't turn around.

I also love having a spot for the two little vintage rose painted lamps I inherited from my mom.

I guess this is going to take a few days to sort all my supplies.  I have one bag for trash and one bag for donation.  I have been putting this job off for some time.  But I know I can be much more creative and productive in an organized workroom where everything is in it's place and marked.  No more wasted time hunting through boxes for something I know I have but just can't find. I am labeling all my boxes and using a lot of clear containers.

Here is the main shelf in the room in a before picture with all the mess cluttered and stacked in unmarked boxes recycled from trips to Costco.

Can you begin to see the theme for this room ? Animal print, faux fur on the bed for a reading nook
and old Hollywood movie star pictures. Movie posters.  I'm thinking Gone with the Wind and Casablanca.

Here is a stack of stuff on my work table.  Yes, there really is a table under there.

And there is another stack on the double bed.

By the end of the first day I have a little order on the shelf.  At least I can see some progress now. 
Tomorrow is my shopping day so probably won't make that much of a change until Wednesday.
But at least now I have a great spot to work on my blog with my new computer desk.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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