Thursday, April 28, 2016

Vanity Facelift

I have mostly soft colors in my house.  I go mainly for the shabby chic vintage look. But I decided I wanted to give my neglected vanity area a facelift.  And I also decided I wanted to use some eye opening colors.  You know,  something bright to get me energized in the morning.  So I decided on hot pink and zebra stripes for my color theme.

This is the before shot.  When I said neglected I really meant it.  I haven't had reds in my house for at least 10 years.  But somehow this little corner upstairs just got forgotten.

I have a large mirror above the vanity but I am not sure that I will reuse it here again.  I have another one in mind.  It isn't the right color so I will need to paint it, also.

Here is the vanity all undressed, I mean totally naked.  A friend gave this to me about 15 years ago, it had been hers before she moved out of state. I knew one day I would give it a complete make over.

And here is the progress at the end of day 1.  It might appear to be finished but there's still alot of work left in this area.

For the top of the vanity I painted a 2" stripe around the top edge in hot pink.  When that was dry I cut a piece of adhesive zebra print shelf paper 2" smaller than the top and attached that.  Then I ran a gold stripe between the two all the way around the top using a gold leaf pen.  I plan to have a piece of glass cut to cover the top when I am all finished.

Update: After the gold ink dried I decided the line was not bold enough so went back over it with a small paint  brush and some gold  acrylic paint.  Much butter.

For the skirt I cut a flat twin sheet in half longways and then again the short way to make two long pieces that I hemmed and gathered.  To attach the skirt to the table I stapled the hook side of hook and loop tape to the front edge and stitched the loop side of the tape to the skirt.  I also stitched some small black ball fringe along the top of the skirt pieces.  This makes the skirt easy to remove and launder. For the bench seat cover I used the pillowcase from the set.

To the left of the vanity is the door to our furnace.  Not very attractive so I hung zebra print and hot pink sheer curtains from a rod above the door to hide it yet leave it easily accessible to change out the filters.

The project continues tomorrow.

Happy Decorating!

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