Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Angel candlesticks

While cleaning my workroom I came across this pair of angel candlesticks.  One of my saved for the future projects I had forgotten about.

I liked the shape but not the color.  There was a bit of white wash but still too much gold tone for my tastes.

So I am painting them with chalk paint.  I couldn't decide if I was going to use pink or white.
I decided to go with the white first.

close up of original finish

I went with a combination of both.  Here is a picture of just the white paint on one of them.

First I painted the entire piece off white and then mixed some of the white with pink to create a blush color that I used on the high areas to give them an overall blush color.  I let that dry.

Next I mixed a little pearl acrylic paint with alcohol in a mister and sprayed the areas I wanted to give a very slight sheen to.

I had a really hard time photographing these to show the blush color I ended up with, they are actually as softer shade of blush pink in person . No matter the lighting or background I just couldn't get a true color.

They have a very soft pink tint.

I am afraid I need to get to bed since I ended up working on these after dinner and then took pictures.

Hallie is sitting here looking at me with that look of "why are you still up" I want you to go to bed so I can cuddle for awhile before I start my night antics.  If you have a cat you know what I mean.  They don't sleep at night.  For them it is time to play.

Here are the finished pieces.

Really bad lighting

Happy Crafting!

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