Monday, September 26, 2016

Upcycled Tray

Well, I have internet back but still no phone.  We live in area where until just recently one company had exclusive rights to serve our area.  We finally have a chance to change from that one company that doesn't know what costumer service is to another company.  The only problem the guy they sent out didn't know what he was doing.  He told us they would have to dig up our yard and driveway to install the cable.  No WAY!

Called the company back and they are sending someone else out on Monday to check out our problem.  But until then we still don't have a phone because it depends on their installation.

I guess we will still be stuck with the old company if all they want to do is tear up our yard.  So hopping the installation can go through because we are so tired of the company we have now.

Today's project is a brass tray I bought at a second hand store.

It is a nice size however I don't want to spend my life polishing brass. It is pretty tarnished already.

I began by painting the tray white with 2 coats of chalk paint.

one coat

After both coats of paint were dry I used pink chalk paint just on the raised outer edge.

Next using painters tape I adhered a stencil to the center of the tray and using a brush with most of the paint tapped off on a paper towel I added the center medallion.

Now I have a  nice tray with no polishing that I can use for serving or to add under a center piece on the table.

Happy Crafting!

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