Thursday, September 8, 2016

Fall Arranngment

Fall is certainly in the air and in the stores, already.

Guess I am ready for Fall, too.

So I started creating some new Fall pieces.

Awhile back I picked up this metal cone at a vintage market with the intent of using it for Seasonal Decor.

I gathered some faux Fall foliage .

Some ribbons.  In the end I decided to use the burlap style ribbon.


 I started by using hot glue to glue the piece of styrofoam at the top of the piece to hold the foliage. 

And here it is after everything was added and hanging on the door.

Love the little rooster in the nest.

I will use this arrangement for the inside of the front door.  Tomorrow I plan to create a decor piece for the outside of the front door.

Happy Decorating!

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