Friday, September 9, 2016

Mini Pallet Fall Sign

I decided this year to do something other than a wreath for the front door for Fall.

I ordered a mini pallet for the door.

I began with an 11" x 11" mini unpainted mini pallet.

First thing I did was to roughly paint the entire piece with a brown acrylic paint.

Next I quickly painted each board with white acrylic paint and immediately wiped it off with a paper towel.  My plan was to give the wood an aged barn wood look.

Oops, forgot to take a p picture of that step but you will see the final look in the pictures below.

Next, after the paint was dry I printed out the wording from my computer I wanted to apply to my pallet.

Then I turned the paper over and rubbed the back with a soft lead pencil over the words.

Then I turned the words over placed them on the pallet where I wanted my wording to be and  went over the outline of the lettering with a pen to transfer the image to my board.  My pencil lines didn't really show on the dark brown color but the pen made enough of an indentation I was able to paint the wording with white acrylic paint.

I decided not to print the words onto the wood, instead I painted the letters to give them a hand painted appearance.  I simply painted within the lines.  Here you can see the first coat of paint being applied.  I ended up using two coats to make the letters bright white.

You can also the results of the white paint I rubbed off the boards giving them an aged barn wood appearance.

After the letters where dry I started in the lower right hand corner to hot glue an assortment of fall foliage to my sign.

Next I added a burlap bow on the top left corner.

In order to hang my pallet I added 2 brass eye hooks and ran a piece of twine through them to hang the finished piece.

Now if the weather will just cooperate a little I will hang this on my front door.  Today we reached 96 degrees.  Just too hot, still feels like summer.  This weather won't last much longer.  Each year we usually drop about 30 degrees in just a week when the Fall weather begins and I know that time is just around the corner.

Happy Decorating!

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