Thursday, September 15, 2016

Wonderful Trip

Last weekend began with a high school class picnic.  We schedule a picnic for September of each year.  It is always good to catch up on the news from all my classmates. I remember when the news was about new spouses and babies but nowadays we talk about retirement and Grandkids.  Hard to believe how fast time flies.

Growing up in a small town we where always close and I think that is why we still get together, we are almost like a big family.  And in many cases we are related, many are cousins or family  by marriage.  Lots of us still meet for lunch during the year, too.  We have all gone our separate ways and live in different towns now.  But give us a reason to get toget her and we show up and have a great time.

After the picnic hubby and I set off on our Anniversary gateway to one of the least populated spots in California.

We rented a cabin at Sorensen's Resort in Hope Valley for a little R&R.  And I guess we really needed the break.  The first night there we both slept for 13 hours.  We couldn't believe our eyes the next morning when we looked at the time.

It is so peaceful and quiet and disconnected from the world we just relaxed during our stay.  We ventured into the Carson Valley in Nevada one day and took a drive into the back country another day.

Then there was my day to visit Genoa, NV. with all it's antique stores and interesting shops.

I must say though, it is always good to get back home to our own bed.

Now it is time to unpack, do laundry and buy groceries.  Relaxing time is over!

Happy Travels!

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