Monday, September 19, 2016

Halloween Skull from Dollar Store

Well, I am back on track after last week's road trip.  All unpacked, laundry caught up, grocery shopping done, and rested from all the cleaning up and putting away.  Sometimes I feel it is more work too go away to get rested because of all the work to catch up when I get home.

Time to get started making a few Halloween items.

I purchased this plain skull with stand from the dollar store with the idea to alter it a bit. I mean, he was alright, but I wanted to give him a little more personality.

I started by adding black glitter to the eyes and nose.

Then I added black glitter to parts pit the base. I used Mod Podge to adhere the glitter.

When the glitter was dry I painted the gold section of the base with gold leaf paint to give it a richer appearance.

I also painted one of the teeth gold with the same paint.

Then I gathered a small square piece of black netting with a sparkly piece of orange ribbon tied into a bow.  And used a piece of twine to tie the whole piece to the base.

I think he looks much better now.  Ready to give a little Halloween fright.

Happy crafting!

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