Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Mom's Lazy Susan Gets New Paint

I came across this Lazy Susan that had been my Mother's while sorting through boxes of her stuff.

I thought it might be nice to use on our dining table, however, I didn't like the old faux wood grain with it's chips and scratches.

Last time I was at one of the big box hardware stores I found this container of "oops" paint that I thought was a lovely color and it only cost $1.25.  SOLD.

It was the perfect color choice for my Lazy Susan which took 2 coats to cover nicely.

first coat of paint

I was not terribly excited with the brush marks. So on the second coat I used my brush to make the brush marks spiral to the center.  That looked much better than random strokes since there where was no grain to follow.

Next using Paris Grey Chalk Paint I stenciled a random design of bubbles and hot air balloons.

And here it is all finish and on the table.

Happy Crafting!

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