Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Three Ltitle Rusty Lanterns

Many years ago I bought three little lanterns about 5" tall.  Their glass sides were red, yellow and blue.  I used them in the garden with tea lights for awhile.  After a few years they where forgotten and were stored away.  By then they where peeling paint and rusty.

But this morning on the internet I saw a lantern very much like mine painted pretty aqua color with clear glass.

Hmmm, did I still have my little sad lanterns.  Yep, I found them and decided to give them a makeover.

 I have already removed the red glass from the lantern on the left in the picture below.  I put the pieces of glass in a bowl of hot soapy water to see if I could soak the color off the glass.  After about an hour the color came off with a light scrubbing using a green scrubby.

Next I soaked off the blue color and lastly the yellow.

While the glass was soaking I scraped all the loose paint and rust from the lanterns.

Then I started painting the lantern tops and bottoms.

First one completed with glass reinstalled.

Now I have 3 refreshed little aqua lanterns ready for new candles.  I think I will use battery operated  tea light candles so these can be used in table arrangements without the fear of fire.


Hard to believe these are the same 3 little rusty lanterns I began with this morning.

Happy Crafting!


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