Thursday, September 22, 2016

Glittered Dollar Store Wine Glass Pumpkin

Today I decided to create a new pair of Fall candle holders.

Awhile back I purchased a pair of plain clear glass wine glasses from the Dollar Store to make a pair of candleholders for Fall.

Here are the supplies I began with, several shades and sizes of orange and green glitter, a fall faux leaf and a piece of twine.

Using my good old do everything Mod Podge I liberally coated the bulb of the glass and began by sprinkling the chunky glitter in a few spots then added the other two colors of fine glitter to cover the entire bulb of the glass.

I like the way the two different kinds of glitter add extra sparkle and texture.

Letting that dry I next did the same for the stem, starting with the chunky green glitter and finishing with the fine glitter to cover the entire stem.

Next using hot glue I attached a faux fall leaf and tied a piece of twine into a bow around the stem.

When dry I placed a candle on top. 

If I was planning to light the candle I would place a glass votive holder before burning the candle and place the candle inside the votive holder.

The pair would look nice on a Fall table or mantel.  Just a little bling for the season.

Happy Crafting!

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