Friday, September 2, 2016

Cabinet Reveal

It was exciting to get up this morning to see all the pieces dried and ready to move inside.

And yes this was the day all three pieces where moved into to the house.  They fit perfectly in the spot I had planned for them.  

One whole wall of pretty storage.  Can't wait for the bulbs for the side cabinets to arrive.

I am so happy the way they all turned our and work together.

These door knobs are so gorgeous.  They just sparkle in the light.  I painted the brass pieces white before adding the knobs.  Defiantly didn't want any brass left unpainted.

Same on the bottom of the cabinet, I painted the brass pieces white and left them on for a little extra detail.

The detail on the lower piece looks good painted white.  I was hoping it would show up and look pretty.

Love the way they all just fit along the wall.

And the drawer looks good and still has a non slip texture.  Sort of feels like suede now.

I would defiantly paint flocking again to clean up an old vintage drawer.

This took me over a week to finish but I love the way it all turned out.



Happy Decorating!

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