Monday, September 12, 2016

There's Doggies in the Window

Well, I have been very busy unpacking and washing my dishware and glassware.  I think I have just about everything placed in my new cabinets.

  I made a lace curtain for each of the glass doors on the side cabinets. I bought one  56" by 63" white lace panel and cut it to size for each door.  I even had enough leftover to sew a lace curtain for my kitchen window.

I attached one curtain to the inside of each cabinet door using 2 cafe curtain rods,  1 top and 1 bottom.

inside door

outside door

I tied the centers of each curtain with a white sheer ribbon.

So why did I say "Doggies in the Window"?  Well, many years ago my Mother gave me 2 small antique German porcelain dog figurines.  They are about 4 inches tall and each is lit from within.

I have never had a really nice place to show them off.  But I now have the perfect spot for them.

They are peeking through the the glass doors were the lace is pulled back.

My dental moulding arrived.  I added it to the side cabinets and painted each with the same white paint I used on the cabinets.

The addition of the dental moulding really helps the three cabinets look like they belong together.

Cabinets are done and the doggies are in the windows and I have a few Fall leaves scattered about.

Happy Decorating!

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