Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Rugged Back Country

I was downloading the pictures from last week's trip and thought I would share a few of the ones I took in the rugged back country of California.

So many people think of California as all beach but we have some pretty spectacular scenery once you get off the beaten path.

Our trip took us across the Sierra Nevada Mountains where we were partly following the path that the original settlers took coming out west.  This is still to this day very isolated and rugged.  You wouldn't want your car to give out back here. We drove one section for many miles and we where lucky to see one other vehicle.  There was construction at the beginning of the road and as we passed the crew they looked at us like "Do those people know where they are going".  No service stations, no houses
and no cell towers.  If you break down you better be ready to walk 20 miles and you might be lucky enough to find a camping group or a group of forest rangers working.

We passed passed a couple of mountain lakes.

Beautiful clear rivers.

Dense forest.

And the Aspen trees whispering in the wind just starting to change to their Fall colors.

This is a shot looking down the mountain at the road we just came up.

The vistas where amazing.

This guy caught my eye as we drove by, one big fellow.

And I loved this view just as the sun came out and shone so brightly on the mountain in the distance.

Happy Travels!

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