Thursday, September 29, 2016

Tiny 3" Snowshoes

My Step-Dad was a wonderful wood worker.  He made beautiful furniture and accessories from wood.

But these tiny snowshoes were something he also made. I never knew why he made these but they are so cute.  

 One was strung with filament but he never got around to stringing the second one.

So, today I finished stringing the second snowshoe. 

Then I decided they should be displayed.

I found a cute little oval frame in my stash and framed the tiny snowshoes.

I cut a piece of patterned paper to fit the back of the frame and glued it to the cardboard backing then added a few pieces of ephemera in the background after attaching the snowshoes.

Here you can see the frame with everything attached and ready to finish.

I added a couple of paper Prima flowers and made two green velvet leaves I cut from velvet ribbon.

I plan to hang this by my staircase where I have a collection of family pictures and keepsakes.

Happy Crafting!

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