Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Black Crow Wreath

I collected a few items some from my stash and some from the Dollar Store to make my wreath.

The first thing I did was to wrap the wreath with the burlap style ribbon.

I formed a figure 8 at the bottom for the bird to stand on.


Next I cut a piece of the loose weave black fabric and using hot glue I added it to the top left side of the wreath.

Then I added a piece of twisted ribbon to the top for a hanger.

The crow was added to the bottom loop by inserting the metal prongs on his feet and gluing them place under the ribbon.  Then gluing the ribbon in place to steady the bird.

Next I glued Fall leaves and a branch that the bird can stand on.

To the leaves I glued a few metal gears then added a few orange beads.

Next I created a cobweb with hot glue on my silicone mat and hot glued it between the wreath and black fabric.

I added a flower under the crow.

I also used Glossy Accents to make his beak and eyes shiny.

And here is the finished wreath ready to hang.

Happy Crafting!

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