Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Snowman Painting

We are all in the "Holiday Spirit" now that we are back on dry land.  Hawaii was great but the temperature difference is a shocker.  It is much colder here than when we left.  Not in paradise any longer that's for sure.  More like frost and cold.

Finally have time to decorate the house.  Unpacking always seems to take longer than packing, with all the laundry and getting the house back to life.  Not to mention going to pick up my assistant, Hallie, from the sitter.

So, now I will be concentrating on Christmas, as time is short.

I felt I needed a snowman, brought out the paints and here is the result.

I thought I would show you my sketch first.


I have decided to use a lot of blue for my holiday decorating this year. Mr. Snowman should fit right in with my theme.

partially painted snowman

I also added a little Stickles glitter glue when I finished and the painting was dry just to give the painting a little sparkle. I used the sparkle on the snowman, his hat and the snowflakes.  In the final painting I decided to go with just the word "SNOW".

Now he co ordinates with my Santa painting the has the word "SANTA" down the left side.

snowman detail 

Happy Decorating!

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