Friday, December 4, 2015

It was a Zip

Well, actually a zipper or rather 2 zippers I found in a grab bag from one of my favorite craft companies.  They have been in my stash for awhile.  Not sure what I wanted to make with them.

Then, last night I decided I wanted a pink flower for the lapel of my coat.  Out came the zippers and needle and thread.  I got busy creating my new  pin.

I started by making a loop and stitching it together at the bottom.  I continued doing this until I had enough petals for my flower. I decided 7 was the magic number.  I made sure they where all stitched securely in the center.  Then I did the same thing with the black.  I made 2 loops for leaves and stitched them to opposite sides of the flower.

Next, with the pink I created a coil large enough for the center of my flower.  Secured that by stitching the backside to hold the coil shape.  And stitched the coil to the center of my flower.  Then  glued a hot pink pearl to the center of the coil.

I thought my pin needed a little length so I cut out a medallion from a piece of lace I had in my stash and stitched it to the back the piece.  Added a couple of pink crystals and stitched a pin back to the reverse side.

And here it is on my coat.

Happy Crafting!

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