Thursday, December 24, 2015

Won My eBay Auction

I recently found these pictures on eBay and placed my bid.  I fell in love with them, they are quite large.  I had the perfect spot in mind to hang them.  I thought the pair would go great with my shabby chic/cottage decor.  I won the bid but when they arrived the frames were so dark they where making the pictures appeared dark and dingy.  And the frames where red and green, defiantly not my color scheme.

I decided to use white chalk paint with gold highlights on the frames to give them a brighter appearance.

And what a difference. They look completely different. Brighter and fresher. The colors look so much softer.  I love them now.  The dark frames where draining the life right out of them. I left the original frame colors showing through in a few places to give them an aged and worn chippy appearance, now with the gold highlights and the white frames these two pictures are perfect.
Such a small change made such a huge difference.

Hello, look who is in my drawer.  I was getting something out of this drawer to hang the pictures and when I turned around to flip on the light and turned back there she was, my assistant, right in the middle of it waiting to help. She is ready to lend me a hand, I mean a paw.  Sorry girl, I can handle this one on my own.

Happy Decorating!

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