Monday, December 28, 2015

Altered Paperback Fairy House

I just finished reading this book and thought it would make a nice fairy house.  

I know, who reads a book and says, ahh this looks like I could make a fairy house.  Mr. K  just shakes his head when I tell him my idea.  But when I was finished he really thought it looked great.

This paperback book was about 450 pages which made me think it would make the fairy house nice and full by the time I folded all the pages.

I started this project by tearing off both covers and rolling the spine together to form a circle.  Don't glue the spine together just yet.  Wait until all the pages are folded.
I started folding the pages.  I alternated every other page.  First I folded two diagonal folds a little off center to give me the pitch angle I wanted for the roof line.

The next page I folded a half page vertical fold and a small diagonal fold to follow the roof line.

I continued with these folds until all the pages where folded.
Here you can see I have about one fourth of the pages already folded.  

And here is the book with all the pages folded ready to decorate.

First I hot glued a knotted piece of jute inside the circle of the spine to form a hanging loop, then used my hot glue gun to glue the entire spine into a circle bringing the pages together making a continuous circle of pages. With my hot glue gun I added bits of lace, flowers, and flat back pearls to the roof.

With my hot glue gun I attached a lace daisy trim to the edge of the roof line.  I found pictures of windows and doors I liked on Pinterest, sized them on the computer.  Cut them out and used distress ink on the edges to cover the white cut edges.  Added some highlights on the windows and door with Glossy Accents and hot glue them to the page base.

  Again, used a lace daisy by each window and added three mini green roses in two shades on top of the daisy.  On the front door I glued a brown flat back pearl for the door knob and three white mini hyacinth flowers to form the door trim.

In the center on the bottom I made a tassel from torn strips of muslin, 3mm pearl rope and a feather that I hot glued together and pushed up into the opening formed by the circle of the spine.

I love the way it turned out.  This would be so cute in a baby or little girl's room hung from the ceiling, also would be adorable at a garden wedding with several hung from the tree branches.  
This gives me all sorts of ideas for the boxes of used paperback books I haven't been able to toss away .

Happy Crafting!

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