Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hat Pin Shoe

I love shoes.  Not the kind that you wear  but the kind you collect.   Well, I love shoes you wear, too.
But I have a collection of porcelain and glass shoes on a shelf above my vanity.  So I thought what better way to store my hat pins than a shoe.

Go to your local second hand store and find a pair of small sized black high heels shoes in nice condition.  Or whatever color matches your decor.

First, find a piece of stretch velveteen in a color match your decor.  Cut a piece of your fabric in an oval larger than your shoe opening.  Fill your shoe with fiberfill, next with your hot glue gun starting at the toe end glue the velveteen to the inside of the shoe pulling taunt and smooth as your go finishing at the heel of the shoe.

Since my shoe had an open toe I glued the toe into a point by making a dart in the top of the fabric then continued gluing along the rest of the edge of the shoe. 

I used a piece of black lace to wrap around the outside of the shoe and I glued that  place.  Along the sole and all the way around the heel top I glued a piece of black velvet ribbon.

I had a piece of shimmery gold and black fabric I glued across the toe and over the heel. 
You could use lace to cover these areas as instead. I just liked the look of the extra sparkle.

One one side of the shoe I glued a large pink spray of flowers, few sprigs of pearls and a black velvet bow.

On the opposite side I glued a single pink flower and a couple pearl sprigs.

When I was finished I filled my shoe with some of my vintage hat pins.  
Perfect addition to my vanity.

Happy Crafting!

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