Monday, November 2, 2015

Altered Paperback Books

I always love the antique looking books in stores like Anthropology.   However, I don't like the price tag that accompanies them.

When I saw this idea I knew it was just what I had been looking for.  
I can't recall the site that I saw this on.  
(So if you know, please comment and I will add the link}

These where just 4 regular paperback books that I had finished reading.

First thing I did was age the page edges with distress ink, vintage photo.
Then for each book I cut 2 pieces of twine, the width of the spine, and glued them to the spine.

 Next I cut a piece of plain muslin to fit the cover and using my old friend, Mod Podge, I glued the fabric to the cover molding it around the twine to resemble the ridges on vintage books.  Fraying the edges as I glued.  When that was dry I cut and tore the cover in areas to make them look more old and worn.

After the glue was very dry I used acrylic paint in gray and tan to further the aged look.
Next,  I printed out the labels and distressed and aged them before gluing to the covers and spines.
You can find lots of vintage labels on Pinterest.

After the paint and glue where dry, again I used vintage photo distress ink on the high areas and edges.
  And lastly tied the bundle together with string.

 This was a very inexpensive makeover, 4 used books, some fabric, glue, string  and paper labels.

I remember seeing the ones in the store and the cost would be well over $100.00,
great look little money.

Happy Crafting!

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