Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Turquoise and Red Cross Necklace

I found these red rose beads and turquoise beads at a local bead store.  I just loved the colors together so I decided to make a necklace with a cross at the bottom.

But couldn't find a cross I liked in the right size and color.  What to do when you can't find what you are looking for?  Make it, of course.

Off to the craft store to buy Sculpey clay in turquoise and red. 
I formed two different sized crosses, one in turquoise and a smaller one in red.  Then made a hole in the top of the larger one for the bail to fit into.

I fused them together by gently pressing on them until they where one piece.  Then I baked them in the oven as per the package directions.  

When it was cool I added a gold cross with a Red Garnet in the middle from my stash that had a broken pin back.  I used E600 to attach the pin cross to the clay cross.  

 The finished cross was a little dull looking, didn't have the stone look I was after. So I gave a coat of poly sealer to the clay which added  just enough shine to make a more realistic stone appearance.

It was a great way to reuse something that was broken by adding it to my clay cross.

I also used coppery chain links and bail for a Western influence. And a few other beads from my stash.

Goes great with denim and turquoise. 

 Now maybe I need to get some cowgirl boots and a western hat.  Oh no, this could be the start of a new wardrobe.

Happy Crafting!

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