Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Clothespin Tree

Today's  project is a clothespin tree.  

I used one of the glass candlesticks from the Dollar Store, a styrofoam cone, clothespins, birds, faux moss,  sticks, artificial snow and glitter.

Here you can see the snow and glitter on the ends of the clothespins.

The first thing you do is separate the wood from the metal clips of the clothespins.
Next hot glue the styrofoam cone to the candlestick. Be sure to use low temp glue so you don't melt the cone.  Starting at the bottom of the cone begin gluing the clothespins to the cone in rows alternating on each row so the clothespins cover the entire cone.

I added a little packing shred that I formed into a nest at the top and glued a bird on top of that.
Then coated random ends of the pins with fake snow and dabbed glue randomly while adding frosty glitter.

At the bottom of the candlestick I glued the faux moss, I also found at the Dollar Store, and 2 more tiny Dollar Store birds.  Then randomly added twigs and pine cones.

During the year I tuck in different flowers depending on the season.  In the picture below I have added a few Summer flowers.  Now I need to  remove those and  add a few Autumn leaves.

Happy Crafting!

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