Friday, November 6, 2015

Altered Mini Metal Box Broach/Pin

What do you do with all the little metal boxes that craft supplies come in?

Have at least a dozen of these in 2 different sizes.  Some empty, some full of craft items.

Well, I decided to make a broach with one of them.  I used the  smaller size which is about a 2" square.  They all come with a plastic window.

First off, if you like, remove the plastic window.  Just punch a hole in it and grab it with a pair of pliers and tear it out.  It removes pretty easily.
  This make your image more visible.

Then find an image you like.  I printed one off Pinterest, using a small enough setting on my printer to fit inside the bottom of the box.  You need to remember the lid has a lip that covers part of the opening, so make sure your image fits the opening of the lid.

Next find a tiny piece of scrapbook paper that compliments your image and glue that to that inside bottom of the box.  Mine was green with tiny white flowers.  Carefully cut around your image and center it in the bottom of the box elevating it on a dimensional glue tab.  This gives your picture some depth.

I chose to give my image a little bling with Stickles glitter round her hat and 2 tiny amber colored rhinestones for earrings.

At this point you can glue any embellishments that match your image.  I decided to use 3 very tiny pink rosebuds to form her bouquet.

Next you will want to glue the lid onto the bottom of the box.  And cover the seam.  Here I used a pale violet velvet rick rack.  On the back of the box I used hot glue to attach the pin mechanism to the box, making sure some of the glue oozed through the openings on the pin back.  This will give it more of a holding power.  You could also use jewelry glue or E6000.

For more bling I glued 2 rows of tiny clear rhinestones strips around the lip on the top of the box.
Then added a tiny scrap of white lace to the bottom corner and a small pink flower.

Love the vintage image of the girl and her hat.  
Now she is ready to adorn my coat or scarf this winter.

Happy Crafting!

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