Friday, November 20, 2015

More Fun Finds

 I love to collect vintage clear glass and crystal and these where gorgeous. The little bowl and picture was only $1.50 and all the other pieces where even less.

This was the find of the day.  Beautiful crystal vase over a foot tall for only $3.00.  One of the stores was having a half price sale.  My lucky day.

And, lastly this handmade basket was so interesting.
Looks to be made from grasses and palm fronds with several pods hanging from the side.
And best of all only $1.50, wow.

I wish I knew the history of this piece. 
 I am thinking for Christmas I might fill it with pinecones and add a ribbon to the handle.
It is pretty large and I have a whole lot of small pinecones that would fill it nicely.

Happy Hunting!

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